ABC Aquatics provides swim lessons for infants, children and adults. We are located in Chino, California. Our instructors have been trained in the latest swimming techniques and philosophies to ensure you or your child receives the best training possible.

Our family-friendly facilities make it a comfortable learning environment and puts our students at ease. We also help our students to succeed by building confidence and using positive reinforcement to ensure fast results.

We keep costs down because we want our students to get personalized 1 on 1 attention. We teach to the individual student at their own pace.

What makes ABC Aquatics different from the other swim schools is that we individualize our curriculum to each student. We keep the instruction simple, having our students accomplish one goal at a time. This helps our students build confidence, as a result, our students tend to learn much faster.

Unlike most programs, we first make sure each child is water safe first, completing a survival float, before teaching stroke technique. We teach everything step by step and we are PERFECTIONIST, your child will have a beautiful stroke when they are done with our program. Many of our students have walked onto the Brea Aquatics Swim team, which is the hardest team to get onto in our area.

Most importantly, we are passionate about teaching and saving lives. This is why ABC Aquatics was created. ABC Aquatics is a swim school that is centered around the student. We want our students to feel comfortable and love coming to swim lessons.