• Why can't I find the address for the Chino location?​ 

Our Chino location is in a residential area and the city has restrictions as to how much traffic can come from our property so in order to control this, we require an appointment. You must schedule an appointment in order to receive our address by emailing abcaquaticcenter@gmail.com

  • ​​Are your pools heated? Are they indoor?

Yes, both the Chino and San Dimas pools are heated. We keep them between 88-92 degrees depending on the season. The Chino pool is covered and we put up walls during the winter but the San Dimas pool is completely out in the open.

  • ​​Do you offer make ups if a lesson is missed?

Yes, but only if proper notice is given according to our policy. Please see our make-up policy for more information. 

  • I only have one child but would like a semi-private class, do I need to find a partner? 

No, you do not need to supply the second student. It will be our job to match your child with another of the same age range and level. 

  • I would like to sign my kids up for lessons, when does the next session start?

We do not have 'sessions' since our Chino location is all year around you can start and stop lessons whenever you like. Our San Dimas location is only open in the summer and the dates change each year so you will need to send an email and ask for the current year's date.

  • Why do you not offer group lessons?

We do not offer group lessons because we believe that kids do not learn as well when there are so many distractions and not enough attention for each individual student's learning needs. Each child is different and learns at their own pace so the more one on one attention allows for faster results.

  • ​​What makes ABC Aquatics different from other schools in the area?

At ABC we pride ourselves on water safety and lowering the percentage of child deaths due to drowning each year. We start with safety and survival skills first and then move on to proper swimming techniques. All of our kiddos are able to learn at their own pace without fear.