ABC Aquatics provides lessons for babies, children, teens, and adults. We have six learn to swim levels,  a parent and me class and pre-swim team class. Each level a student passes they will receive a printed award except for the last level which will receive a swim medal of achievement.

Level 1 (Water Comfort)

In level 1, students will learn to be comfortable in the water. They will learn to hold their breath underwater, and begin learning how to float on their back. They will do an assisted survival float and wall crawl upon graduation. This level helps them become comfortable in the water.  

Level 2 (Water Safety)

In level 2, students will learn to float on their back independently. The main goal of this level is to have your child do a survival float (with clothes if requested) by themselves. A survival float is when your child can jump in the water, float on their back and call for help.  Once your child can do this skill, we will then begin to teach swimming.

Level 3 (Kicking and Floating)

In level 3, students are taught the basics of kicking on their front while turning onto their backs to breathe. Upon graduation they will be able to kick and float across the pool.

Level 4 (Introduction to arm propulsion)

In level 4, students are taught the proper arm and pull techniques for freestyle while turning on their backs to breathe as the move across the pool. This is also known as the swim, float, swim method.  

Level 5 (Freestyle and Backstroke)

In level 5 , students are taught to side breathe. They will work on perfecting their freestyle and backstroke technique. They will also learn treading water and flip turns.

Level 6 (Breaststroke and Butterfly)

This is the final level in the swim program. Students will learn Butterfly and Breaststroke, open turns, and work on fine tuning of all 4 strokes. Once they complete this level, they should have great swimming technique and will earn a swim medal of achievement.

Pre- Swim Team

When level 6 has been mastered, students are considered pre-swim team level or PST. Students will learn the basics of what to expect should they join a swim team or a water polo team.  They will learn drills, breath control, proper turns, basic starts and how to be competitive. They will also work on building strength and endurance needed to be the best swimmer they can be.



Private Lessons:
Ages 2.5 years & older​
One student with one instructor for 30 minutes

Semi-Private Lessons:
Ages 2.5 years & older
Two students with one instructor for 30 minutes

Parent and Me Lessons :

Offered during the summers in San Dimas ONLY

Not offered at the Chino location
Ages 6 months - 2.5 years old

Parent and Me class is a group class, that allow the child to get used to the pool and interacting with an instructor. The instructor will work through pool anxiety and separation anxiety from the parent. The instructor will teach water comfort, basic swimming techniques,  and survival techniques including but not limited to; breath control, back floats, wall craw, survival floats, kicks, and swimming to wall and step.